Training and Warm-up Clothes


The training process stands as a fundamental aspect of a gymnast's journey. The harder you train, the higher the result you achieve, nevertheless the effectiveness of a training session not only depends on the expertise of the coach or your inner drive but also on choosing appropriate training attire. High performance is achieved when your clothing is both comfortable and allows for free movement, ensuring that nothing hinders your progress. 

The main characteristic for the training uniform is the size.

The uniform should fit perfectly to the athlete. Special attention is paid to the seams, which cannot rub or interfere with the gymnast. The most important part is that the gymnast feels perfectly comfortable in the clothes that she chose. 

Another important characteristic is the type of fabric.

Uniform fabric can be synthetic or natural. Synthetics can be easily washed, and dries quickly. Clothing made from natural fabrics gives the athlete a feeling of complete comfort. It prevents perspiration and does not irritate the gymnast's body.


We can provide custom-made team uniforms based on your needs and requirements. You'd be able to include the team logo, the gymnast's name, or both.

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