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Finding the right leotard can be a significant challenge for both parents and gymnasts, given the wide range of categories and the extensive variety of styles available.

Price is one of the factors that influence how people select leotards, as it can vary significantly. The price of a leotard varies based on the quantity of crystals and the complexity of the design on the leotard. Leotard prices range from relatively low at around SG$150 to quite high, reaching SG$500 to SG$600 and beyond.

Therefore, in our store, we offer leotards in various price categories for purchase and rental for different levels of gymnastics. 

1. Ready-made for beginners (300-500) crystals

For beginners, purchasing an expensive leotard is not necessary because your child will outgrow it quickly, and the simpler routines of beginners do not require such costly leotards.

Despite the quite low price, leotards are made of high-quality materials and thanks to their vivid and eye-catching coloring, they will definitely steal the attention of judges. A huge advantage of these leotards is their awesome price – some of them go for as low as SG$150-250

 2. Ready-made for advanced (500-1000) crystals

This type of leotard has numerous styles, designs and colors for every taste for advanced gymnasts. These leotards cost more due to their intricate designs, increased number of crystals, and the use of more sophisticated fabrics. The average price of this leotard is SG$250 up to SG$500. 

Follow these useful tips to ensure you are choosing a perfect model:

  • Leotards with V-shaped cutouts elongate the neck.
  • Leotards with American armholes are ideal for gymnasts wanting to slim the appearance of wide shoulders,
  • Choose leotards with skin-colored parts that closely match your actual skin tone for a natural look. 
  • Leotards featuring vertical lines with skin-colored inserts are ideal for a waist illusion 

Note:  Under the latest FIG regulations, hip bones and the panty line must be covered with fabric, not nude or mesh lining. Failure to comply with this rule will result in deductions from the judges.

 3. Customized leotards

Customized leotards are perfect for showing off a gymnast's unique personality and taste. We can create an amazing piece of art and one-of-a-kind for each and every gymnast. The customized leotards have an exclusive design, a distinct cutting style suited for an individual's needs. Turn your imagination on!

The typical processing time ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, with prices beginning at SG$500. The ultimate cost is determined by the chosen materials and the quantity of crystals.

Here are the steps to create a customized leotard:

  • We offer individual design sketches for leotards, tailored to the gymnast's routine, music, and unique characteristics
  • Customers select fabric, color, crystal quantity, and set a budget
  • Accurate measurements are crucial to avoid errors
  • During the final test fitting, customers can make some adjustments
  • Your custom leotard is then ready for shipment 

 4. Leotard for Rent 

We provide a wide selection of new or used leotards for rent, allowing gymnasts to change their leotards for every competition without the obligation of storing them unused in their closet. 

The rental price is SG$60-80 per week, with a SG$100 deposit needed, which will be refunded upon the return of the leotard in its original condition, free from stains and rips.

If the gymants liked the leotard, you always have the option to purchase it.


It is important to follow the basic rules for washing and storage of the leotard as proper care for the leotard will help prevent rapid wear and maintain the quality of the fabric.

  • Wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not soak, wash in a washing machine, or wring out.
  • Use a gentle detergent (such as baby soap).
  • Gently rub soiled areas with a soapy solution by hand.
  • Rinse in cool clean water.
  • Dry in a horizontal position on a light towel at room temperature, away from heating devices.
  • Dry cleaning is prohibited
  • The leotard should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room in a special leotard cover on hangers in a hanging position.

Win the competition with your awesome leotard!

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