How to choose the right toe shoes


Toe shoes are specially designed professional shoes for rhythmic gymnastics that enclose only the toes, leaving the heels open. They are secured around the heel with a silicone elastic band. 

Selecting the appropriate toe shoes is crucial for beginners in rhythmic gymnastics, ensuring your child starts off on the right foot.

Nowadays the market offers a wide selection of designs and materials for toe shoes. Therefore it is important to choose a pair that gives maximum comfort to the gymnast.

To make the right choice, be sure to consider those factors:


Toe-shoes or half-socks?

For daily training, half-socks are more convenient as they are softer and easy to wash. However, professional toe shoes are preferred for competitions due to their better visual appearance.


The effectiveness of training and performance depends on how precisely the size is selected.

Toe shoes must exactly match the gymnast's actual foot size. They should fit tightly but put no pressure on the feet or be too loose. It is highly recommended not to buy toe shoes one size bigger «with the room to grow», as they wear out quickly. The right choice would make your training and performance more successful.

We strongly recommend trying different models and sizes before purchasing to make sure the toe shoes fit perfectly.


In order to perform stunning gymnastic elements, move easily and elegantly, the gymnast should wear toe shoes made of durable and elastic materials. Manufacturers of toe shoes usually use genuine leather, cotton, nylon, microfiber and elastin, and sometimes these materials are combined. 

We prefer microfiber toe shoes as they are more comfortable, softer than others, durable and best in fitting the size of the foot. Nonetheless, it's important to note that with regular training sessions (4-5 times a week), these shoes tend to wear out, typically lasting about 2 months.



Colors and design

Brown, white and nude are standard colors for rhythmic gymnastics toe shoes. Any color can be used for training. However, for competition the nude color is preferred, as such toe shoes do not attract unnecessary attention.

Care recommendations

Like any other fabric or leather items, gymnastic toe shoes need to be washed very carefully. Hand wash will be a perfect choice. It is not recommended to dry them on heated objects or in a dryer, as it can cause deformation and damage to the material.

Choose the right toe shoes and enjoy your training!



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